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Painting of the studio

Artist Statement

         Collage vs. Painting, painting vs. collage. It seems the two are very different, but if you add the fact that I once was a Licensed Architect, it makes more sense. Architects are known for using both “sides” of their brains. Left vs. right, analytical vs. intuitive, math vs. English. Collage came first with an elementary school age introduction to the Town Dump. It was pre-recycling days and piles of “stuff” were open for the taking. First, we furnished our new house with dump finds that we repaired and refinished. Then the possibilities of assemblage spread before me. The skills making this possible came from my family’s DIY tradition. I learned to sew, embroider, refurbish furniture, play piano, sculpt, do calligraphy and fabricate stained glass. All this with varying degrees of success. Combining these skills resulted in unique ways of connecting found objects and ideas. The pleasure is in the puzzle.

         As for painting, that began in middle school. Inside a thrift store fold-out box, I visualized a country house scene. After buying my first acrylic paints, I just started in. Stylistically it was rather naïve, but resembled what I pictured in my head. From there, I was addicted. At first I painted only what was in my mind; abstract concepts and stories. During architecture school, I learned to appreciate representational art and was trained to keep sketchbooks and develop visual memory. Travel was encouraged, reading up on a range of subjects and self-education were required. The more one learns, the more one sees parallels across the world.

         In any case, whether paper or paint, my art is about composition, color, storytelling, ideas, history and sense of place. I love to experiment so the collection is eclectic. I am full of curiosity and live a varied life, thus my art reflects this.

Artist Resume


1987        Bachelor of Architecture, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York


2018        “Grand Opening Retrospective” at studio KAZ
2016        Studio Tour at personal studio

2018        “Creative Freethinking”, Giddens Gallery, Grapevine, Texas
2015        Giddens Gallery, Grapevine, Texas
2010        “Forms, Feathers and Flight”, Main Street Art Gallery, Grapevine, Texas

1992        National Audubon Society Art Show, Auburn, New York
1990        “Made in NY”, Schweinfurth Art Center, Auburn, New York

1992        3rd Place, National Audubon Society Art Show, Auburn, New York


Sept. 2014        “Upcycled Fine Art” in Southlake Arts
Aug. 2014         “Upcycling Fine Art” in Northeast News


1985 – 2008         Architect in Ohio, New York and Texas
2010-present        Participation in Street Fairs, Gallery Business and Exhibition Preparation